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Civil engineering. Land surveying. Forensic engineering. 

Awards and Accolades

City of Annapolis Police Department comments on Timothy Gardens project and the impact of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).


Dear Mr. Eitel:


Congratulations on last week's Planning Commission approval of the proposed Timothy Gardens Apartments redevelopment plan, presented by the National Foundation for Affordable Housing Solutions, Inc. fthe Foundation). On behalf of the City of Annapolis Police Department, I want to thank you for your cooperation and engagement with Officer Nick Cisneros and other members of our public safety team, as you crafted the site plan, fencing, lighting, security, and other physical amenities proposed for the redevelopment plan.


For many years, Timothy Gardens Apartments has presented public safety challenges for the residents of the apartments, the surrounding community and our law enforcement team. The source of the problems includes poor and insufficient lighting, barriers that create hiding places for those who would prey upon our citizens, hidden and unsafe walkways, and buildings that by their very design create unsafe spaces that promote isolation of the residents.


We note that as planning for the new Timothy Gardens Apartments got underway, you reached out on behalf of the Foundation and solicited the advice and engagement of our Police Department on how the new development could be designed to create a safer community. I know that you and Officer Nick Cisneros spent many hours discussing the specific public safety issues presented by Timothy Gardens Apartments, and even walked and toured the property and neighborhood during evening hours, to get a solid sense of the issues and how the design of the new property might help to create a safer environment.


We are extremely pleased to see that you incorporated so many of the suggestions of Officer Cisneros and the Annapolis Police Department into the approved Timothy Gardens Apartments Redevelopment PIan. Our experience tells us that examining and incorporating public safety design elements "before" building a new apartment community pays big dividends for everyone, The design and placement of fencing, location of walkways and play areas, lighting features and other security enhancements that have been incorporated into the new Timothy Gardens Apartments will contribute significantly to a safer and more livable community for the residents this community, and a more effective and supportive Annapolis Police Department.


Again, we appreciate the proactive approach of the Foundation in engaging the Annapolis Police Department in planning a safer and more livable Timothy Gardens Apartments community, and for your professionalism and cooperation in incorporating the advice and recommendations of our Department.



Lt. Brian Della

Annapolis Police Department


cc: Noah Nordheimer, National Foundation for Affordable Housing Solutions

EnviroProjects comments on successes in the Odenton Town Center.

Dear Bob:


EnviroProjects, LLC has partnered with Landesign, Inc regularly for several years, with great success. Our recent completion of the multi-family residential development in Odenton Town Center highlights our synergism.


EnviroProjects strategic approach to the comprehensive environmental compliance process and Landesign's engineers and surveyors local experience provided inestimable benefits to this and many other projects. Bob Eitel and Jeff Felker, Landesign's Senior partners, bring decades of local Maryland knowledge, relationships, and regional experience to every project. Landesign Inc.'s flexibility, innovative thinking, and experience-based solutions has made Landesign an indispensible part of EnviroProjects teaming.


Please continue to reach out to me at EnviroProjects, LLC at 410-599-5335 or Thank you for a job well-done and EnviroProjects looks forward to many more cooperative partnering successes!



EnviroProjects, LLC

Aaron M. Keel, AICP, Principal

"It was a pleasure working with Landesign at our Novus Odenton multi family project. From entitlement through design, permitting, construction and bond release your high quality work, expertise, and diligence was instrumental to our success. Including wetland requirements, a major sewer relocation, peculiar storm water requirements and a three quarter mile water extension, it was a first to realize final costs with negligible change orders relative to the significant civil scope of work. Kudos to Bob and his Team and look forward to our next opportunity."


-Scott Lanz

Novus Residences, LLC.

“The meeting to submit the PWA packages went extremely well.  Bob and his team did an outstanding job of putting the materials together, illustrating all of the various special nuances of the site configuration, and otherwise impressing the County Director of Inspections & Permits with the quality of the submission.  They have indicated they will turn things around as fast as they can; the quality of the submission and Bob’s ability to walk through some of the peculiarities of the site should serve us well in getting this process done.  Way to go Bob and the Landesign team!”

-Joseph F. Devlin, Esquire – Council, Baradel, Kosmerl & Nolan P.A.


“Thank you again for the excellent work you did with regard to my property.”


-Harold Blewitt

In the Community

  • The Central Maryland Chamber recognized Landesign, Inc. executives for their volunteer work as part of a revitalization project in Severn, MD. Landesign, Inc.'s Bob Eitel and Greg Nicoll joined with Rebuilding Together Anne Arundel County to bring new life to the Spring Meadows Neighborhood. The chamber noted that Eitel and Nichol "donated their time and expertise in civil engineering and land surveying to resolve drainage issues that had been plaguing the community for years. A total of ten drainage mitigation areas were identified and custom solutions were developed for resolving each of them."

  • Landesign Inc. is working to spread the word about heart health and CPR. The back of each business card carried by all Landesign employees contains information on the “Two Steps to Save a Life,” with instructions on the new hands-only CPR. This effort has earned praise from the Heart Smart, the Cliff R. Roop Cardiac Support & Education Foundation. 

“I was really impressed when you sent me your company business cards with two-step CPR demonstrated on the back of the card and with your slogan, ‘Keep our card. It could save a loved one’s life.’ What a brilliant idea!”

-Heart Smart Chair and Board Member Brenda Desjardins



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