Civil engineering. Land surveying. Planning. Consulting services. Forensic studies. Expert testimony.
Civil engineering. Land surveying. Planning. Consulting services. Forensic studies. Expert testimony. 



Landesign offers a wide range of engineering and planning services to public and private sector clients. Read more about how we can help you and your organization. 

Civil Engineering

Landesign offers comprehensive civil engineering services to commercial and industrial builders, developers, local realtors, colleges/universities and municipal offices. Our engineers start working even before a client has obtained a piece of property. We offer initial research and gather information to ensure that any property is free of hazardous material or environmental issues that might impede development. From there our engineers cover every aspect of civil engineering from initial concept to final construction, including, but not limited to preliminary and final engineering documents, drainage and floodplain studies, innovative stormwater management design and value engineering.

Forensic Studies/Expert Witness

For over 25 years, Landesign has developed expertise in all aspects of civil engineering and we put that expertise to use for clients by providing comprehensive forensic studies and expert witness testimony. In the vibrant and ever-changing development community throughout the Baltimore-Washington region countless issues arise that require analysis, investigation and comment that only an expert in the field can provide. 


In 2016, the National Academy of Forensic Engineers admitted Robert Eitel as a full Member. NAFE Members are Board Certified and credentialed Diplomates in Forensic Engineering. Mr. Eitel leads Landesign’s Forensic Studies / Expert Witness services.

Land Surveying

Landesign offers full land surveying services that utilize the latest equipment and techniques. Our surveyors provide boundary surveys, ALTA land title surveys, topographic and location surveys, as-built surveys and construction stakeout that provide our clients the information they need to move their projects forward. Our surveyors have been recognized for providing efficient and cost-effective survey solutions using the latest data collection processes that allow information to be easily integrated into in-house systems for quick and expert analysis and plat preparation.


The focus of the Landesign environmental practice is to identify issues that might impact and delay a project. With a full understanding of federal and state regulations and effective communication between engineers, relevant agencies and the client, we are able to avoid costly delays or mitigate the impact of problems when they arise. We have extensive experience in environmental engineering and forestry services including non-tidal wetlands investigations, forest stand delineation plans, tree conservation plans, stream restoration plans, water-ways access permitting and associated environmental plans.

Sustainable Design

Landesign has embraced the concept of sustainable design. We utilize the latest sustainable products and construction practices to deliver unique designs that are cost effective and easy to maintain. We approach sustainable design as a way to both minimize the impact on an existing ecosystem and improve and restore areas that have degraded over time. Our engineering, planners, and landscape architects work together to integrate sustainable design concepts at every stage of the design process.

Artificial Turf Fields

Landesign has perfected the design of artificial turf fields for clients who need to balance safety and functionality when it comes to their athletic facilities. Whether it’s a local school district or a parks and recreation department, owners and managers of sports fields are realizing the value of a well-designed synthetic turf surface. We focus on all aspects of safety and functionality in our design and emphasize soil stabilization, earthwork, compaction, drainage and gradations to create fields that are aesthetically pleasing and that are built to maximize performance and provide ease of maintenance.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is an innovative way to influence behavior and prevent criminal activity through design features. Landesign offers this unique service to our clients with properties in areas prone to criminal activity. Municipal clients are especially interested in our experience with CPTED and we have helped many re-develop public spaces into model communities. A well placed floral planter, fencing between buildings and the closure of alley ways are just some of the creative ways that we incorporate CPTED to create a safer and more enjoyable living experience for all residents.  Streetscape design can be attractive and buildings “hardened” through the proper and creative blending of CPTED techniques and principals of streetscape design.

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