Civil engineering. Land surveying. Forensic engineering.
Civil engineering. Land surveying. Forensic engineering. 

Project Case Studies

First National Bank, Severna Park

Landesign, Inc. applied it’s creativity to an adaptive site reuse, including innovative stormwater

management design, and completed construction permit plans for the new First National Bank

located at 576 Ritchie Highway in Severna Park. The bank building was oriented to take advantage

of an opportunity to have greater visibility than the neighboring businesses.  “Before” and “After”

photographs document the dramatic improvements in presentation and visibility.



St. John's College High - Innovative Stormwater Management


Washington, D.C.-based St. John’s College High School recently faced a storm water runoff

problem. An expansion at the school that included a new roof, patio and concrete service road

forced the school to find an innovative solution to remain in compliance with city stormwater

management regulations.


The school’s original runoff solution was based on a convey-and- detain design that incorporated

drains from the new additions and sent the runoff flowing over a conventional asphalt surface and

into an underground storage tank. This caused the storm water to be dumped into an already

overtaxed system.


St. John’s approached Landesign, Inc. to investigate the innovative new PaveDrain system to help them

solve their runoff problems. Landesign, Inc. engineers took the innovative approach of modifying the

clean cut stone base depth in different areas and modeling the storage capacity of the built-in arch of

the PaveDrain block. By using PaveDrain and taking these actions Landesign, Inc. solved several of the

storm water issues and exceeded the client’s expectations. The Landesign, Inc. solution meant that the

service road was able to infiltrate direct rainfall on the 8,000 sq. ft. service road as well as the rainfall

from the 16.500 sq. ft. of new roof and patio.


Through its PaveDrain solution, Landesign, Inc. was able to save St. John’s College High School almost

$50,000, and due to the success of this system the school also converted a school bus round-about

with a 7% grade top the PaveDrain system, replacing the existing asphalt surface which required

significant maintenance.

Stormwater Solution- Case Study
Stormwater Solution - St John Case Study[...]
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Townhouse Community - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Good planning and site design can be made better by incorporating Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques in such a way that the elements do not detract from the overall “look and feel” of the community. CPTED is a multi-disciplinary approach to reducing the potential for criminal acts by influencing the decisions made by potential offenders in advance of crimes of opportunity. The safety of the residents, reduction in potential for criminal acts against persons and property, and a creating sense of community and ownership are important goals of CPTED.  The goals are achieved by a variety of techniques including visibility, defensible spaces, lighting, access control, site hardening, and many others.  


This site layout was planned from the start with CPTED in mind although sites may be retrofitted for CPTED  techniques. Early in the design process Landesign, Inc. worked in coordination with the Annapolis Police Department to gain the benefit of their knowledge of the neighborhood and share ideas.

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